Sunday, 17 July 2011

World Cup Snooker

China have just lifted the World Cup which is something of a surprise - they didn't seem as together as some of the other teams. Wales were rock solid.

The event was hotly contested and despite the disappointing crowds the snooker was riveting. Next time it runs maybe the doubles need looking at because of the time players spent on shots in addition to it encouraging negative shot choices. And we saw players play on for snookers from almost certain losing positions (although Fergal O'Brien did gain the five snookers he needed in one frame though he went on to lose it). This was accentuated by some players who needed a few snookers and who weren't very good at laying them... This needs to be addressed - maybe playing on for three snookers only when red(s) left on the table or two snookers on the colours.

I was impressed by the attentiveness of the referees. Some free balls weren't awarded readily enough but when needing to call a touching ball they really bent down and scrutinised the balls. Far too often we see UK referees declare touching ball from a standing position (Michaela Tabb clearly excepted) when it really can make the difference. So instead of the striker needing to play a thin snick, by touching ball being called is offered the chance to play a really telling snooker or safety.

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