Thursday, 28 July 2011

Australian Open Snooker - Bingham downs Williams in decider

Great snooker and Williams is sick. But for a long time Bingham has been good enough to do serious damage. Joe Johnson made the point that he was experienced enough to be able to play at his best and without the pressure of expectancy he forecast Bingham to play well in the final.

Mark Allen must be rueing his statement about Bingham's lack of bottle. Undoubtedly it helped him beat the Ulsterman in the last eight which gave him momentum for the run-in. And now Allen looks a fool - how many ranking tournaments has he won. Yes that's right - Zero! And that's in six years as a professional. That said I think Allen has more bottle than Bingham but the Essex man is a better snooker player.

Williams was jaw-droppingly brilliant in this tournament and on this form he will win lots more this season. But it must worry him somewhat that he has lost big matches recently from clear winning positions.

Losing the UK final against John Higgins 10-9 from 9-5 up.

Ending the first second session of his Crucible semi only 9-7 up again against the Scot when it should have been 11-5.

And last week in Australia losing 9-8 from 8-5 up. I hope his sleep patterns are back to normal. If he thinks about the difference in prize money which knowing Mark he will have done and the extra money he would have won then he will still be tossing and turning!

Premier League Snooker starts on the 18 August with a new format. Should be great and I'll post more a couple of days before.

Until then.


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