Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Who fancies it the most?

Simply Judd Trump. He's enjoying it - is used to the environment and really believes he can win it. A very dangerous animal indeed. He was 40/1 pre tournament but the best you can get now is 5/1 which is about right.

I know he's young and hasn't been at the business end that much, never mind here. He did win in China and Championship League Snooker but that's only light success for how long he's been around. And this is the key, we're used to him not delivering.

He will here, it doesn't mean he will win but someone will have to play very well to beat him because he fancies the job.

What we can say with certainty is that this is the strongest last eight in history.

In the other matches Mark Williams confirmed why he's a threat. Winning games from unlikely positions and just being canny really. His understanding of the game dwarves that of his opponent Mark Allen who is wondering how  he's 11-5 behind when they've missed a similar amount of balls.

John Higgins looked a bit tired which is a worry. There is no let up from here either. This will be a factor at this stage of his career simply because his address includes such fierce concentration he will reach the punch-drunk stage earlier that some of his competitors.

Ronnie played ok but missed too many and is clearly struggling with getting his back arm through the ball.

I recommended Williams at 17/2 but Trump and Ding Jun Hui are in with a real decent shout too.

Layers go 4/1 the field at this stage with only eight players left and the odds won't change if we discount Allen and Graeme Dott so it's really 4/1 the field in a six horse race.


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